The Goodness of...Slinkachu

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I recently got turned on to new artist that you definitely need to know about. His name is Slinkachu, he's 28 and he's British. His street art installations are pretty awesome. His most recent work is called the "Little People Project" and involves the remodeling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which he then places and leaves on the street, where he photographs them both close up and from a distance. These tiny installations are often amazingly clever. According to the artist, "the scenes I set up and the titles I give to the scenes aim to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city, almost being lost and overwhelmed. But underneath this, there is always some humor." 

He's compiled some of his "Little People" installation photographs into a nifty little coffee table book called "Little People in the City," available on Amazon. Here's a few of my favorite images of his work:

"Spilt Milk"

"They're not pets, Susan"


"Spare some change"



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