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For weeks, I've been wanting to go to Humphry Slocombe, a tiny, unassuming ice cream parlor in the Mission District of San Francisco. Ever since my friend Jimmy recommended it, I knew I had to go. Jimmy lives in the city and is a self-professed foodie; he has this knack for finding the best eats anywhere. So, since it is technically my Spring Break this week, I decided to take the day off from work and go into the city to check it out for myself.

I was not disappointed. This is no Baskin Robbins; this is gourmet ice cream at its finest.

When I stepped into the tiny shop, there was almost a line out the door. The place was packed. The shop itself isn't much to look at; it's kind of sparse, and it's clear that they want you to get your ice cream and keep on moving, not stay and linger.

But the workers were friendly and efficient. They offered free samples of any of their flavors on real metal spoons, which I appreciated. It was difficult to decide what to sample, with such intriguing selections such as "Secret Breakfast" (bourbon and cornflakes!), "Salt-N-Peppa, "Strawberry Black Olive," "Honey Thyme," "Boccalone Prosciutto" and "Peanut Butter Curry."Adventurous as I am, I settled on a scoop of "Balsamic Caramel" and a scoop of "Chocolate Sea Salt." Two generous scoops set me back $3.75, but I would have happily paid twice as much for such amazing goodness in my mouth.

The ice cream wasn't overly sweet or overly creamy, but was the perfect vehicle for letting the subtle flavors really come through. Each spoonful was an exercise in picking up all the subtle notes of the flavors, in the same way you would a glass of wine. The sea salt balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate and while the balsamic caramel had a richness and complexity not normally associated with ice cream.

Humphry Slocombe also offers a selection of ice cream sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. Don't those look amazing?!

And if that wasn't enough, you can grab a bag of homemade BACON PEANUT BRITTLE or LARD CARAMELS to take home with you! 

Humphry Slocombe is located at 2790 Harrison St, at the corner of 24th and Harrison.

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I have been wanting to try this place as well, did you try the prosciutto ice cream?

same, i can't believe you made it before me. hehe. now just another incentive to go.

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