The Goodness of...Ideal Bookshelves

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As an artist, I'm always intrigued by the creative ways that other artists are able to create portraits of people without actually depicting the people they're representing at all. Much like a person's wallet, their refrigerator, or their day planner, you can usually get a surprisingly intimate portrait of an individual by studying their bookshelves.

I recently stumbled upon the Etsy store of the artist Jane Mount and immediately fell in love. Jane Mount paints "ideal bookshelves," depicting people through their libraries. What an awesome snapshot of a person's true, or at least ideal self!
You can take a snapshot of your "ideal bookshelf" of 10-20 books and send it to Jane, who will draw the spines of your favorite books for $150. These beautiful 9x12 gouache and ink drawings would look amazing in a frame propped up on an actual bookshelf.  Or in a child's bedroom.

8x10 prints of other people's bookshelves that she's drawn are available at her Etsy site for a very reasonable $25. My favorites are the ones with all the children's books...what does that say about me?

What books would be included in your "ideal bookshelf"?

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I think this is awesome. Do you have one? It would be hard for me to pick my fav's because they change with each new season. But books are definitely a reflection of identity for me. I will have to keep this in mind for a gift for someone. thanks for sharing!

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