The Goodness of...Luna Bars

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It's confession time. I heart Luna Bars. They're my favorite snack after a hard workout at the gym or a long run. Lemon Zest is my favorite flavor. It's chewy and covered with a lemon glaze that has just enough "zest" but not too much.

Yes, I know that they're proudly marketed as "The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women" but really now, can a protein bar be gender-specific? What exactly does that mean? Were they chemically engineered to somehow provide vitamins and nutrients to women, but not men? Their marketing strategy seems strangely reminiscent of "Secret" deodorant...

All I know is that these bars of deliciousness are not used in conjunction with ladyparts, like tampons, so I don't feel embarrassed buying them at the grocery store or eating them in front of other men. And if that makes me wrong, I don't want to be right.

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