The Goodness of...Puppies!

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Yes, the rumors are true. Oliver, a miniature dachshund puppy, will be joining the Clayborn household in just a few short weeks. And it's become a little ridiculous just how excited we are about it. We have already bought a portable doggy toilet and have visited pet stores multiple times, just to check out the latest and greatest in doggy toys and accessories. We've studied dachshund books and Pam has already researched dog trainers in the area. We are counting down the days until we can go and pick Oliver up from the breeder and bring him home. In sum: this is a big freaking deal.

By our sheer excitement, you'd think we'd never had a dog before. But this isn't the first puppy for me and Pam. When we were first married, we got a miniature dachshund named Bebo. We loved Bebo. He was not particularly well-trained, but what he lacked in behavior he made up for in cuteness. I think you'll agree.

When we moved to California, Bebo, unfortunately, couldn't come with us, so he was adopted by one of Pam's friends. Now, four years later, we have finally moved to a housing situation that allows pets again.

Probably what I'm most excited about is the possibility of doggy costumes. I know what you're thinking. That I wouldn't actually do such a thing to my dog. Well, friends, you are sadly mistaken. I've already begun planning a Halloween costume and a Christmas ensemble.

For your viewing pleasure, below are some of my favorite dachshund costumes.

The Hotdog (OK, not exactly a costume, but pretty cute, right?!)

Swiss Miss

Fire Chief

Canadian Mountie




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oh. my. gosh. This is out of control.

The hot dog picture had me rolling.

You should definitely get the superman one. It's too bad its not a could do some awesome tutus and bows.

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